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It’s not an event; it’s a process

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Learning Workshops


Highly successful organizations foster a learning culture. Boring and canned workshops won’t deliver the results you’re after. You and your team deserve energetic, thought-evoking, and interactive learning focused on driving individual and collective improvement. With EXTRAordinary! Inc., you have a partner who will understand your unique culture and provide the necessary tools to ensure professional development success. Your transformational process gets results because we:



  • Seek understanding and gain initial team buy-in while uncovering key development needs

  • Deliver the targeted skillsets you’re after through a customized experience

  • Provide ongoing coaching and resources to support the sustained application of learning



  • Ideal Participant Size: 12 - 30 people

  • Recommended Format: Half-day, full-day, or multiple-day sessions

  • Investment Starting at: $5,500


Action coaching


Professional coaching maximizes your people's talent and ensures the application of your development investment. Tools are transformed into skills through ongoing practice and targeted coaching. Accountability is where real growth occurs. A unique feature of our coaching/consulting experience is that EXTRAordinary! Inc. does not assess an hourly or daily fee. Our clients should not have to make an investment decision every time our support is needed. Although there is no minimum contract length, results take time and effort. It’s common for a successful coaching/consulting experience to last 6 – 12 months.



  • Clarify the targeted results you’re seeking to accomplish

  • Equip yourself with the tools, skills, structure, and outside perspective needed to make the progress you desire

  • Create the time and space to focus on what’s important, recognize accomplishments, and strengthen relationships



  • Ideal Participant Size: 1 – 5 people

  • Recommended Format: 60 – 90 minute sessions twice a month

  • Investment Starting at: $1,250/month


Engaging Keynotes


Want your audience to lean in instead of check out? Revive your people by ensuring they receive a relevant, inspiring, and actionable message. We specialize in delivering topics and tools that create breakthrough performance to improve engagement, creativity, innovation, and profitability. Your audience will leave feeling ready and willing to apply this real-world experience.



  • Energetic, relevant, and interactive experience

  • Targeted and customized message

  • Inspire your audience to take action



  • Ideal Participant Size: Unlimited

  • Recommended Format: 45 – 90 minute sessions

  • Investment Starting at: $4,500