Your customer service paradox

Your customer service paradox.jpg

There’s talk that says it’s vital:

“Customer service sets us apart from our competition.”

There’s action that demonstrates it’s dispensable:

  • Low wages

  • Shrinking budgets

  • Little professional development

  • No strategic partnership within the organization

You spend $500 to gain a new customer, then resist investing $50 to solve the problem that will retain them and create long-term loyalty.

If you think your products or services drive repeat buyers and referrals, then you’re not listening to your customers/clients/patients.

They’re telling you that it’s the caring interaction, thoughtful service, prompt response, and knowledgeable conversation that brings them back and motivates them to become your evangelists.

Human experience outshines and outlasts your product promises.

So, which is it? Vital (words) or dispensable (actions)?

It’s time to be true to your words and unleash the power of action.

To ensure your thriving future, invest in the people who drive and the processes that deliver a memorable customer experience.