How to stand out

How to Stand Out.jpg

How to blend in: mimic the words and actions you hear and see in others. 

Conformity is not your design.

Perhaps Kid President says it best, “You’re gooder than that.”

Here’s a simple and powerful example of how one of our clients, Cody Hoyt, embraced and applied his own uniqueness:  

We’ve all experienced the out-of-office email reply. They’re virtually identical. Boring. Unimaginative. Until Cody, preparing for his wedding and honeymoon, gave himself permission to stand out within the corporate world of ubiquity. 

Check out his auto reply: 

Hi, with my wedding right around the corner, I will be taking some time away from the office. Following our wedding, Megan and I will be trekking to Tulum, Mexico to celebrate the momentous occasion. I will return to the office on November 14.

If you need anything urgently, please contact Brian Fizer. 

Cody had the courage to make a functional and redundant process personal, interesting, and informative (even including a link to his honeymoon location!).

With a few thoughtful tweaks, he transformed the mundane into memorable.

Taking up space in the sea-of-sameness rarely serves you well.

How to stand out: embrace the words and actions that showcase your unique design. 

Now, put those words and actions into practice.