Grocery list your career goals

Grocery List Your Career Goals.png

You don’t have to convince people of the value of a grocery list.  

Yet, research says that 97% of Americans don’t have a thoughtful written plan for their professional journey.

Surely eggs and milk don’t trump your career trajectory.

Hard work alone does not ensure your efforts are driving toward a meaningful outcome.

No written plan means no vision to ensure you accomplish your career purpose.

No written plan results in quiet moments that leave you wondering, why am I doing this?

The answer to that life-altering question won’t be found in your company mission statement, your standard operating procedures, or within your HR department. As with your grocery list, your career vision is up to you.

Here’s how to start writing your self-inspiring career vision statement:

  1. Vision is a description of your future. In this case, it’s clearly “seeing” your ideal professional journey unfold in the most powerful way you can imagine (yes, this requires imagination).

  2. Consider key success qualities you will possess as a highly effective professional. Imagine being wildly successful in these areas. What is different about you? As you develop more of these qualities, what do you see, hear, and feel? How are you interacting with others? What victories are you experiencing? What are you doing to drive desired results?

  3. Utilize language that is powerful, positive, and present tense.

  4. Start imagining, believing, and writing.

Resist the trap of overthinking this process. This vision plan is written by you and for you. You’re not getting a grade for spelling or grammar (do you have your grocery list edited?).

The trick is to start.

Your career journey will take you somewhere…

Will it be where you want to go?