The danger of your safety net

The danger of your safety net.jpg

At a fundamental level we’re designed for survival.

Here’s the challenge:

The self-preservation instinct of our minds can’t differentiate between life-threatening and life-giving risks.

Here’s the opportunity:

The soul-expansion instinct of the heart can.

Taking a leap of faith toward your dream is scary.

Your mind looks at the risk and says, “I’ll take the leap once I’ve got a safety net in place.”

Your heart looks at the reward and says, “Jump!”

So, you’re paralyzed. 

The safety net your mind is demanding becomes the noose that strangles your life-giving dream.

Requiring it prevents action and acquiring it reduces the intensity of the action you take.

Either way, the net result is that you never reach the dream that beckons.

Where is your heart hoping you’ll find the courage to jump?