Authority is overrated


“Many people struggle at work because they want more authority. It turns out you can get a lot done if you just take more responsibility instead.”

seth Godin 


How many important actions are put off because you think it’s required? 

So, you wait…and wait.  

Only to discover that what you’ve been waiting for is an illusion.  

Instead of waiting for authority, start taking responsibility.  

Here’s a list of game-changing choices that don’t require outside approval: 

  • Choose an optimistic point of view 

  • Provide someone with sincere praise and appreciation 

  • Commit to joyful movement 

  • Improve a professional skill 

  • Devote time to something (or someone) you love 

  • Move out of your comfort zone 

  • Show genuine interest in others 

  • Give yourself permission to rest 

  • Ask for help 

  • Write down your vision and goals  

  • Eat food that energizes your body and soul 

  • Resist gossip 

  • Smile 

Wait for authority or take responsibility. 

The choice is yours.