How to change your growth mindset



We get it.

Make consistent and regular investments. Put your money to work. Wait. Wait some more.

It takes years to see the reward.

There’s no magic involved. It’s a timeless principle: commitment + work + patience = reward.

So why are we so impatient with our personal growth?

Apply a 401(k) mindset:

  1. Commitment: Become an internal investor. Read a book. Subscribe to a professional journal. Enroll in an online course or workshop. Hire a coach. Find a mentor.

  2. Work: Knowledge isn't power—application is. Learning takes root through relevant application.

  3. Patience: An acorn transforms into a massive oak tree… over decades. So it is with your personal/professional transformation. Don’t let unrealistic expectations derail you.

  4. Reward: Even before you reap the benefits of reaching your goal, there is satisfaction in knowing that the journey is underway. Enjoy the path of improvement, as well as the destination you desire.

Change your growth mindset.

Do the work and wait for the results.