Stop answering “what do you do?” like a robot


“So, what do you do?”

That stock question usually gets a stock answer:

“I’m the (insert role here) at (insert company here).”

You might even go as far as explaining your responsibilities or the products and services your company provides.

Break the pattern of giving an automated response.

Move beyond what you do and venture on to why you do it.

Think of it this way: While a church may dig a well to provide a community with fresh, clean water… their underlying “why” is to share their faith.

Professional development is our “well”.  Our “why” is the opportunity to tap into your heart and revive your work…and your passion.

Do you know the “why” behind your “well”?

Once you identify it, invite people in.

Talk about the inspiring aspect of your work. Reveal your humanity. It’s a memorable and authentic way to build connections.

The next time someone asks what you do, allow your response to be reflective instead of reflexive by giving words to “why”.

The impact will be noticeable.