Embrace your discomfort zone


Your comfort zone is a great place to hang-out.

It’s where you feel cozy, confident, and competent.

The downside? There’s no room for growth.

Consider an area in your life where you’d like to improve:

  • Communicating with impact

  • Strengthening relationships

  • Addressing conflict

  • Navigating change

  • Attracting feedback

Growth requires a journey into your discomfort zone, a space that feels…well…uncomfortable. (Not to mention scary and full of risk.)

Remember, the skills and abilities you have right now were, at one time, new and intimidating. Fear didn’t stop you then. Don’t let it stop you now.

Determine where you want to grow and why it’s important to you.

Once you summon the courage to take your first step past everything you know, the adventure begins.

Don’t get stuck in who you were or stay stuck in who you are.

Experience the freedom of who you are meant to be.