How to gain the most from investing in people


Investing in people makes good business sense.

To gain the most from your learning and development commitment, be sure it’s:

  1. Cultural: Professional development should be present at every level of your organization. It will be taken seriously when leaders first model the skills and behaviors they expect from others.

  2. Ongoing: Learning is not a one-time event. It’s a process that occurs regularly and over time. A tool can’t transform into a skill without consistent practice.

  3. Applicable: Ensure the skills being pursued are relevant to role success.

  4. Supported: Reinforce and refresh your learning tools & behaviors by holding yourself and others accountable with follow up coaching.

It takes more than a budget to reap a strong ROI from developing your people.

It requires time, attention, and yes…patience.

Having an engaged, loyal, and skilled workforce is not only a huge payoff…it’s your ultimate competitive advantage.