3 ridiculous things we say & believe at work


We say, and believe, things at work that we’d rarely consider in other areas of our life.

Here are 3 of the most ridiculous:

  1. “It’s business, it’s not personal.” Really? What might run through your mind when greeted by that phrase? Yeah, that’s right, brace yourself for things to get real personal! As long as people are involved, let’s embrace and honor the reality that business is personal.  

  2. “No news is good news.” Let’s break this mantra down. When things are going great, you won’t hear a word. The minute something is lacking, wrong, or late, you’ll hear about it—loud and clear. People want, and need, regular updates and feedback—preferably the constructive type. Remember, no news is bad news.

  3. “I have an open door policy.” This one seems like a winner… until we take a closer look. This message puts the responsibility to interact on others. Engaging leaders take responsibility for walking out of their open door and connecting with those they lead. They intimately understand that the open door policy is dead.

Would we consider applying these philosophies outside of work with significant others, friends, or in parenting? No. Yet, for some reason, we’ve determined they’re effective in the workplace. What are we thinking? More importantly, what are we doing?

We can do better.

Let’s pay closer attention to what we say and do.