How to survive the DIP

How to survive the DIP.jpg

If you’ve ever committed to self-improvement, you’ve traveled through the DIP (Dive In Performance).

It’s the time when you’re “worse” than before.

New Habit Drawing.png

 Letting go of an old habit before you’ve mastered a new one is filled with uncertainty. It can rattle your confidence. It’s scary.

It’s also thrilling.

So, how can you navigate the DIP after you jump off the application cliff?

1.      Be aware: one clue that you’re in the DIP is the voice inside your head screaming, “I was better off before!”

2.      Be kind: speak encouraging words to yourself as you muddle through this intimidating and necessary part of growth.

3.      Be courageous: keep moving in spite of your discomfort—the DIP will test your commitment to self-improvement. 

The DIP Drawing.png

 Here’s the good news… by being persistent, you’ll eventually encounter the RIP (Rise In Performance).

That’s when you know the DIP is dead!

Trade in your old habits for new heights.